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  • A Place to LOVE: We offer free tryouts because we want YOU and YOUR Child to LOVE coming to our facility! If its not for you then you are not obligated to sign up for anything! We truly believe YOU will LOVE this program like so many others!
  • ​Incredible Customer Service: We have implemented a new service that allows for complete access to a Personal 360 Consultant to help you plan your goals and growth for your child! We are here for YOU through meetings, texts, emails and phone calls! 
  • Great Student/Coach Relationships: Lifetime Bonds are developed with athletes and parents! 
  • REAL Instruction: NO MORE paying money to gyms who just go through the motions but show no results... REAL Instruction from QUALIFIED Coaches to receive REAL RESULTS for YOUR child! Join Us For OUR NEXT SEASON as CHEER KINGDOM!!
  • Successful Background: Cheer Kingdom is our NEW Brand formed on the building bloacks of XCEL CHEER which we have been running since 2009! Our Programs have won a variety of State and National Championship Titles over the years but we like to let our coaching speak for itself! Watch as YOUR CHILD not only improves in skills but also watch as their confidence grows after overcoming adversity and developing skills through hard work and perseverance! We Also work with our local High School Cheer Teams to help them succeed and accommodate their schedules because we believe in the importance of School Cheer and all star cheer working together. Many of our athletes go on to cheer in college and even receive scholarships to do so. We have set up many relationships in the industry to help ensure your athlete's successful with us all the way through college! 
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  • Growth in Your Child's Skills: You are paying for skill progression and an experience for your child... We make sure that you are receiving that here! We do everything in our power to ensure your child is receiving the best instruction and guidance through his/her skill progressions while also enjoying their experience! 
  • Stronger more Confident Child: Physical strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and Team Work are key benefits of Cheerleading but a sense of Strong Self Confidence can be the most important benefit that your child will receive! Being made stronger through constant tearing down and never praised is the quickest way to lose confidence not gain it! Also, lack of coaching that leads to lack of skill progression also can lower your child's confidence levels. When we scream at kids to scare them into skills we inadvertently help them develop mental blocks in those skills. Coach Chris has works with Hundreds of local cheerleaders to break through the mental blocks helped created by the coaching techniques of other local gyms. We teach athletes to work hard and earn achievements through self motivation and coach guidance. This is the formula for a more Confident Athlete! We do NOT over spot or tear kids down but we do hold high expectations and teach them to work hard. 
  • Safe and Exciting Atmosphere: We provide a safe environment that doesn't move students on before they are physically or mentally ready. We have FUN but we still stress the importance of HARD WORK as well! We also promote making mistakes! To often environments make kids feel uncomfortable with making a mistake. We allow the kids to embrace and short comings when learning new skills because the best way to succeed is through learning from your failures. When kids embrace their mistakes and work to improve them... their insecurities disappear and a new sense of confidence shines through! 
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